We do Strategy.

From short ad hoc strategy sprints to long-term consulting - we adapt our know-how to your individual needs. For the best result in line with your budget.

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Our Offer:

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1. Let’s Chat!

We meet and talk about your brand. Together we analyse brand relevant challenges, strategic goals, and define which milestones fit best aligned with your budget.

2. Position & Vision :
What & what for?

Together we develop clear short-, medium- or long-term goals for your brand as well as concrete suitable measures to ensure that these goals are successfully achieved. We help to define the core values of your brand and make sure that they are clearly reflected in the brand messages.

3. Target / touchpoints:
To whom & on which channels?

We analyze your target groups and show you on which channels and touchpoints you can best reach them.

4. Context: Under
which circumstances?

We analyze your competitive environment and generate relevant insights about the current market situation.

5. Realization: How & for how much?

Due to our close connection to the creative departments, we can not only recommend suitable measures to your budget - but also implement them directly.

6. Evaluation: What was successful?

With the help of quantitative and qualitative analysis methods, we support you in measuring the impact and success of your communication measures and work together with you to develop learnings to optimize your brand communication in the long term.

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Work Examples.

Work Examples.