We are Happy and proud to be part of this smart and highly relevant campaign. #TheTamponBook just won the PR Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2019. High five to Scholz & Friends and The Female Company. Crazy great achievement!


Flowers, truffles and even oil paintings: many luxury goods are subject to the reduced tax rate of 7% in Germany. Tampons, on the other hand, an article of daily use, are subject to 19% value added tax. A fiscal discrimination against which the Stuttgart bio tampon company The Female Company is now setting an example. "The Tampon Book" looks like a standard book, but contains 15 organic tampons. Because books are also only taxed at 7%, the founders avoid the tampon tax. It is now available in the online store of The Female Company. The idea for the "Tampon Book" came from Scholz & Friends Berlin. The agency accompanied the entire production of the book.

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