Work Examples.

Work Examples.

We are a Audio Post-Production!

Thanks to a large network of friends and colleagues, we can keep the core team manageable, but are also able to quickly assemble larger teams, tailor-made to your requirements. We are a young and passionate audio team and love to be represented in different areas, as long as it contains us working on sound.
Although we spend the most of our time in advertising, we also create the sound and music for documentaries, audio books, radio spots and much more! It keeps ideas fresh and interesting!

Our Services

Music Composition
Post- Production

Mixing & Mastering
Voice Over

Radio spots
Audio Books
Music Installation

How we Work:

1. Let’s Chat!

We need to understand the core of your project to create astounding music and sound. We rather be story tellers other than „just“ Audio people. Good briefing is key!

2. Talking Money.

You will discuss everything related to budget with our lovely head of audio, and if everything is cool, you will get an offer, which you please confirm by e-mail.

3. Demos

After one or two working days (depending on the size of the project) you’ll get a demo of what we’ve been working on. We will discuss if it matches your idea of the project and how we are going to elaborate on it.

4. Fine tuning

After we had a good chat on how our joint project is coming together, we will elaborate on the demos till everything matches perfectly. And don’t worry! You’ll get constant  work in progress updates.

5. Mixing & Mastering

We will always be showing you pre-mixed versions of our work because we want to give you a good impression on how the final result is going to sound like. Last step will be creating the masterfiles. If you want to show your commercial on, let’s say TV, Instagram and Youtube, you want 3 slightly different versions.

6. Delivery

You’ll get correctly labeled and uncompressed, high quality audio files via your preferred way of exchange!

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