Work Examples.

Work Examples.

We are a production house.

We are specialized in advertising. We offer a whole range of services to help clients and artists say something important. To achieve our goals, we create special teams of freelancers and permanent employees for each project.

Our Services

Moving Image

Motion Control
Banner Ads

Post Production
Service Production
budget managment

We also rent out our studio & MotionControl-Rig.

a motion control studio in Berlin
a camera Robot in a Studio in Berlin
a motion control studio in Berlin

How we Work:

We believe that outstanding project results require specially curated teams.

1. Let’s Chat!

In the beginning is the idea. We meet and discuss all production-relevant aspects of the idea. Where are the challenges. What would a suitable team look like. What is the target. How high is the budget etc.

2. Talking Money.

We create a team of permanent employees and our network, which we trust, matching to the idea/project and the budget framework. We will present you the team together with an offer.

3. Pre-Production

The team prepares the production. Permits are obtained. Castings are held, studios and locations are selected. Technology is organized. At the end of this step everything is prepared and approved in the "PPM".

4. Production

Now the required assets are produced. All organized departments are now coming together. Producer, DoP, Photographer, Light, Art Department, Hair and Make-up, casting... A magical moment!

5. Post Production

All assets from the production are now edited and merged. Films and images are edited. Colors are optimized until everything fits and the right formats are created, matching the usage of the project.

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